Sponsor an Education

Completing your high school education can be challenging for many youths. Oftentimes, home is a place of conflict. There may be factors such as poverty, abuse or drugs. Many times it might just be as simple as a young person making a bad decision without realizing the long term effect it will have on their life.


Returning to school to complete a high school education can be a challenge for any adult. But returning to school with minimal or no financial support is impossible. Accomodations, food, transportation and child care are some of the many factors that need to be considered when deciding to return to school. Unfortunately, many people who have dropped out of school don’t have the resources to cover those expenses and government support is very limited. 


An education is the single most important influence in determining an individual's future.

Not only does education influence an individual's income and job security, but it also impacts their physical and mental health, food security, housing prospects and life expectancy.

The simple act of completing high school will have a beneficial impact on the immediate family, community,  workplace and government revenue thru taxes.


The high school dropout rate in canada averages between five and fourteen and can be as high as fifty percent in low-income communities (under $40,000 per year, a third of whom have less than a Grade 9 education).


High school dropouts are two and a half times more likely to be unemployed. They are the lowest wage earners. They often live in poverty or on the edge of poverty. 85% receive government welfare. 80% of inmates in federal prisons are high school dropouts.


High school dropouts are the leading burden on Canada’s welfare, health care and prison systems. By working together, not only will these individuals accomplish a meaningful way to provide a future for themselves and their family, but they will also provide a substantial benefit to our economy.


Reference: https://www.dropoutdisparity.com