Our network helps philanthropic groups or individuals with an opportunity to help less fortunate individuals or families propel themselves out of homelessness.


The SOS Sponsorship program is so much more than a financial commitment. It’s an opportunity to break the cycle of poverty. It’s an opportunity to have a direct impact on the future of the participants and their family that can last for generations. 

Whether you sponsor a family, an education or a career, you will leave behind a legacy that will have a lasting impact on a participant's life.


Only heroes need apply!


  • A minimum of a one year financial commitment with the option to be renewed annually.

  • Your support will be to working families who need assistance with:

    • Rent subsidies​.

    • Childcare subsidies.

    • Life skills coaching.

    • Transportation assistance.

    • Intensive, personalized services.

    • A safe and supportive home.

    • Life skills curriculum.


  • Quarterly updates via email regarding your sponsored individual or family.

  • Opportunities to visit social events to visit and befriend your sponsored individual or family.

  • Formal recognition, and acknowledgement on our social media platforms and website.

  • Help break the cycle of homelessness, see your sponsee grow and be a part of real change.

  • You will witness your impact firsthand.