Mentorship Program

In our Mentorship Program we take a round table approach to gain insight into our past present and future behaviour. We work in small groups that share similar obstacles. We work together to help all participants to succeed. We tackle obstacles as a group and we celebrate success as a group.


Through this approach we are honoring the life experiences, obstacles and success of each person. We aim to provide an environment that encourages self forgiveness and self accountability. Past mistakes are not hidden or shameful; they are a part of who we are and what we needed to do to survive. We honor the past. We give it a voice. Only then can we learn to let it go. 


As a group we help each other gain understanding into our behaviours. We share our challenges as a group and we celebrate our success as a group. We will aim to create an environment that nurtures self awareness and confidence in our ability to create the future we want.


We know that for many people who are experiencing poverty, homelessness and addiction there is a history that nurtured that destructive pattern. We will work as a team to identify those patterns and create new patterns that will have a long term, positive impact on our participants. 


Behavioural patterns can become deeply ingrained. This pattern can have its roots so deep that it reaches back for generations. Many times it is a specific trauma that started the cycle and the individual will try to overcome the trauma in the best way they know how. Many times  this will lead to addictions and abusive behaviour. This coping mechanism will be passed on from generation to generation. 


It can be incredibly difficult for an individual to face their past traumas and behaviours. But our participants are doing the necessary work to gain a better future and create new patterns to pass on to the next generation.