Career and Apprenticeship Program

In our Career and Apprenticeship is the final accomplishment of our participant. They will have completed their individual mentorship program. They will have completed their high school education. They will have overcome their barriers to a sustainable future, and they will have stable housing. 


They are ready for the future of their dreams. They are ready for a new life.


Throughout their program they will gain insight into their patterns and their families patterns that have created the life path they were on. They will have worked hard to earn the future they want. 


Now they need someone else to believe in them too.


Through the Career and Apprenticeship Program they will be matched up with an employer who is willing to take them under their wing. The employer will provide hands-on training and guidance to help the participant gain confidence and skills in the workplace.


In the event that the participant’s career path requires further education, we will work with the employer, participant and existing scholarship and grant programs to ensure our participant

 has the tools they need to succeed.