Our Sponsor-A-Future program is like a group hug of services.

We know homelessness and poverty is about more then housing and money. It's about unlearning old patterns. It's about having confidence in your ability to succeed. It's about believing in yourself.


Our Sponsor-A-Future program aims to provide a centralized hub of services for participants who are ready to put in the hard work to change the path they are on. Whether they need to finish high school, learn how to do their taxes, or they need to tackle their addictions, we will give our clients the resources and tools they need to succeed.

Through our roundtable approach to skills development, we recognize and honor our clients' life experiences. We recognize that our clients have the highest chance of success when they can relate to the life experiences of those who aim to guide them. 

That is why we will adopt a roundtable approach, where with the help of a facilitator, everyone participates equally. Everyone has lessons and skills that will help others to succeed and only by allowing our clients participate equally will the gain the confidence they need to be successful.


sponsor a high school education

We will work closely with sponsors, participants and existing programs to ensure our participants have the highest possible chance to complete their high school education. It truly does take a village to break the cycle of poverty

donate to the sos scholarship fund

Our scholarship fund will give our participants a tangible future. With a post-secondary education our participants will finally experience what it is to have a career,  job security, and pride of accomplishing their dreams.

career & apprenticeship program

Once a participant has successfully completed their individual mentorship program and has achieved stable housing, they will qualify to enter our Education Program or Career and Apprenticeship Program. Through this program we will work closely with the participant and the sponsoring company to ensure that the participant has all the resources they need to succeed in their chosen career.

mentorship program

Our roundtable approach to mentorship allows participants touse the skills they have learned throughout their lives to ensure future success. By honoring their life experiences we are giving them the tools to see their own success and contributions to society rather then focusing on perceived failures.